Monday, December 1, 2008

October continued!

The month of October was definitely filled with many fun actives, I will just be posting random picturess from the month of October. is crazy, I promise to work harder in the up coming weeks. Classes are just about to end, so I will have more time. Thanks to all those that sent shows you care!

We went to Sea World's Halloween Spooktacular for not one but two days in a row...lots of fun, means lots of pictures. The first day we meet with two of Jillian's good girl friends Macy and Sarah. The next day we went back with daddy, so you may see Jillian in two different costumes.

Orlando Science Center with Ava.
Jillian's 1st. Ballet and Tap recital (for this age, it was more that we got to actually stay and watch a class). Daddy got to help Jillian with her ballet slippers. Halloween night we went to Macy's house for a night of trick or treating with some of Jillians best buds...Gavin, Wyatt, Preston, Macy, Sarah and Adam.
Jillian's actual Halloween costume, was Little Red Riding Hood.

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