Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ariel at the Zoo

Today we went to the Central Florida Zoo for their annual Zoo Boo-Bash Halloween celebration. Children were encouraged to wear their favorite Halloween costumes (Jillian dressed as Ariel) for a safe, “scare-free” fun day both inside the Natural Science Center and outside in the Animal Discovery Zoological Park. They had treats and gifts at all the station throughout the park, hay ride, face painting, pumpkin painting, a jump house and lots lots more.

feeding the goat...Jillian kept calling him the Billy Goat with a gruff.
Feeding the Zebu. What is a Zebu you may ask? Click on the word (link) to get your answer. Jillian has NEVER showed any interest in these before however for some reason today she just had to put her cute little face into all of them...I guess she just discovered how cool they really are.
Enjoy, because she sure did. :-)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Fun!

Tonight Jillian and I meet up with our friends, Mrs. Jen, Sarah, Baby Adam, Mrs. Susie and Tavin for some the Winter Springs 3rd. annual Hometown Harvest 2008 . We enjoyed an interactive hay ride, pumpkin painting, balloon artists, face painting and much much more.
Jillian and Sarah painting pumpkins. Tavin, Jillian and Sarah.

The Perfect Pumpkin Waiting for our hay ride.
Susie and Tavin...we just LOVE these guys!

The end of a very long day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Day

Sunday we went over to Ti Ti Marthas' house to make some yummy yummy in our tummy pumpkin pies...from scratch. First we cut open the pumpkin and Jillian took out all the seeds. Pound...good job! While the pumpkin was boiling Jillian planted some of the pumpkin seeds. After boiling the pumpkin and cutting off the skin, Jillian mashed the pumpkin. Cracking the eggs all by herself.
measuring the sugar... Measuring the pumpkin....
Baking powder...mixing all the ingredients together...
pouring the batter into the pie crust.
While the pies were baking, Tio Jon and Jillian played a little wii bowling. This is how Jillian plays wiiiiiiiiiiThe final step...eating the yummy yummy in our tummy pumpkin pies.
So proud. oppps...we just laughed and laughed. Obi...thanks for helping us clean it up.
Here we are.... Ti Ti Martha taught Jillian a new trick with the baking powder, Oh girls just want to have fun!
Thanks you Ti Ti Martha your the bestest! We LOVE YOU.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Super Saturday

Our Super Saturday started at 8:30 A.m. for a Veggie Tales meet and greet character breakfast.

"Say Cheese Momma"!Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber are an unlikely duo in a world of talking vegetables. The two friends learn about honesty, kindness, and forgiveness together and Larry always has a silly song to sing. This was such a cute show with a sweet story line, and lots of entertainment. Jillian danced in the aisle and absolutely LOVED the show. We just happened to be sitting in front of one of Jillian classmates HannaAfter our show we went home for about 30 minutes for a quick lunch, and off to Macy's 3rd birthday party. I must tell you these photos DO NOT even begin to describe how much fun these kids had. HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY MACY MOORE! Here are Wyatt, Gavin, Sarah and Jillian...these guys played so hard. The boys were walking up the slide, the girls were sliding down...they would crash mid-slide and laugh laugh laugh sooo hard, this went on for hours! Wyatt, Sarah, and Jillian on the bounce house side. There they go again! Notice Jillian with her elephant, she attached herself to this elephant she calls Ellie.
Always make time to stop and smell the roses.
I just love this picture of Gavin, he was so funny. He would sit on the giraffe and ride it down the slide.
Macy and Jillian relaxing after a big day of hard playing...this picture was taken at about 6:00 P.M. and the party started at 2:00....long long but fun filled day!Our day did not end there, after Macy's party we went to hang out with Sarah for a mini-sleep over.
The girls were so wired (or jacked up on sugar) they did not fall asleep until 9:00. So for those of you that were not keeping track, here is a run down of our Super Saturday. Veggie tales from 8:30-12:00...Macy's party from 2:00-6:00...then straight over to Sarah's house from 6:00-12:00 the next day. Can you say SUPER SATURDAY???

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