Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our day at the Zoo

Today we went to the Central Florida Zoo with some of Jillian’s friends Wyatt, Preston and Kaden. Jillian favorite thing to do at the zoo is feed the animals. Today was extra special not only because three of her best friends came with, but because she finally got to feed her favorite animal….Clarice the llama. For some unexplained reason Jillian loves llamas, perhaps it has something to do with her book, lama llama red pajama. Whenever we go to the zoo Jillian always head right to the petting zoo area and straight to Clarice, Claire however does not care to eat the treat they sell. With her four quarter in her pocket, Jillian likes to buy the Zebus, goats and sheeps some food, she has no fear and feeds them all without any hesitation. Jillian has been talking about her great experience all day; she even had to call daddy on the way home to tell him all about it… cute.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sea World

This past Saturday we spend the day with Susie and Tavin Herbet at Jillian’s favorite place…Sea World. For the first time we rented one of their strollers for the kids to ride in and boy was that a great idea. Tavin and Jillian loved the independence of getting in and out as they pleased; it was all around a great experience. The kids were able to ride on all the rides, touch Kelly the horse and feed the sting ray, see the dolphins, the penguins, the sharks and best of all watch the Shamu show. This was Tavin’s first time at Sea World and Jillian’s 100th time so Jillian was able to give Tavin and Mrs. Susie a first class tour.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Best friends...

Jillian and our 3 1/2 year old Boston Terrier Wilbur have become the very best of friends. When referring to her family, Jillian says “Mommy, Daddy, Jillian Grace and Wilbur”. Wilbur is definitely been considered a part of our family since the day we brought him home. Jillian loves to feed him, walk him, hold him in her lap, help to give him baths and of course give him his treats. Before giving Wilbur his treats her takes the treat into the living room, tells him to sit and then roll over, then and only then will she give him is treat. If you ask Jillian what her job/ responsibilities are she will tell you that her job is to let Wilbur out of his crate in the morning. Jillian also enjoys having Wilbur go on wagon rides with her; she loves to include him in all actives, including tea parites and barbies. We have become quite the regulars at the doggie park on the week-ends. Jillian and Wilbur have definitely become the best of friends, and we couldn't be more pleased :-).

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Make Believe

For Jillian's 2nd birthday her Ti-Ti Martha and Jon got her a Sleeping Beauty Princess outfit. This princess outfit has opened many doors to her imagination. For Christmas Santa brought Jillian Cinderella, Belle (Beauty and the Beast), and Snow White princess she refers to herself as princess Jillian. Jillian enjoys wearing her out-fits with all of the accessories anywhere and everywhere we go. If we are reading a book about the Three Little Bears, she refers to herself as baby-bear, me as Momma bear and Glen is poppa bear. If we are reading books about elephants Jillian likes to refer to herself as a baby elephant, a chicken she is a baby chicken...the list goes on and on. We just absolutely love this stage (as we have them all LOL). Everyday is a new day and another character, if you try to refer to Jillian using her name, she will be the first to correct you, "NO, thank you, Momma I am Cinderella.. Glen and I strongly believe that when Jillian uses her imagination she is showing a healthy way of growing into her own identity. Glen and I do our best to try an encourage Jillian to be the person she is meant to be, we try not to discourage her from using her fun imagination, we just enjoy it and go with the flow. ISN'T THAT WHAT PARENTS ARE SUPPOSE TO DO?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our little artist.

As all 2 year olds, Jillian loves participating in any and all kinds of arts and crafts. The messier the better! She has an easel with four sections, two for painting and two for chalk. Jillian loves to both paint and finger paint every day. We believe she loves the independence of dipping the brush into the paint and making beautiful pictures for her family and friends. She also enjoys her sidewalk chalk while playing on our front porch. Glen and I feel that arts and craft are an essential part of Jillian's development so we try to make arts and crafts a part of her everyday activities.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Jillian has been taken gymnastics at "The Little Gym of Oviedo" for well over a year now (thanks nanny and Poppa). She absolutely loves it and is doing extremely well. Jillian's favorite activity to do at gymnastics are the bars, Jillian hangs on the high bars and can kick her feet up to the top of the bar. Jillian also enjoys the balance beam, the tumbling mat and all of fun obstacles course they have to offer. Jillian had her 2nd birthday at The Little Gym, and still 4 months later talks about her fun birthday party.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Football! Football! Football!

Well if you ask Jillian who the number 1 team is this year, she will tell you the Miami Dolphins, ah the innocents of childhood. Maybe next year now that Parcells has taken charge, and completely changed the team. So since the Dolphins are not playing we will be watching the Patriots play the Charges and the Packers play the Giants. We will be cheering on the Packers and the Chargers for todays games, we can't be having the Patriots with a perfect season, that honor should remain with the Dolphins!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy New Year! 2008

Glen and I are looking forward to yet another wonderful adventurous year together (15 years and counting). Jillian Grace has brought so much more to our lives than we could have ever hoped or dreamed of. Glen will be turning 34 this month, one year till the big 35!!!

Christmas 2007

WHAT FUN! Jillian was totally into Christmas this year, she loved the songs, Santa, the television shows, the lights, an trees...every aspect of this season. Christmas eve we ended our day with the book "Twas The Night Before Christams" as we read her the book on the floor under the Christmas tree. Jillian gathered cookies and a cup of milk for Santa, and went to bed without any hesitations.

Jillian awoke at her normal 6:15, ready to head down stair to see what Santa had brought for her.

Good bye 2007

What an amazing year 2007 was been for our family. Jillian has changed our lives in so many wonderful ways, Glen and I feel so blessed to have such an incredibly loving, smart, and fun little girl. We have both embraced parenthood and are loving every moment it has to offer us. Places that we have enjoyed taken Jillian include Sea World, both the Sanford and the Brevard Zoo, Orlando Science Center, and many many local parks. We can't wait to take her to Disney World this coming year!!!
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