Saturday, December 13, 2008

Walt Disney World

My sister Estelle AKA: Aunt Estelle, treated Jillian and I to a wonderful day out at Walt Disney World. We saw almost every charter, we rode on almost every ride out there, and most of all we had the best time hanging out with my sister Estelle (a fun bonding experience for all three of us). I will not have to go into too much detail because as you all may suspect, I took lots and lots of picture, and pictures speak louder than words. We literally got out there as the park opened and stayed till the park closed, Jilian was such a little trouper, she did not nap, she did not get fussy and she did not want to leave.

Hold on fokes it's show time!!!
Thank you so much Aunt Estelle, we really enjoyed spending the day with you and had such an amazing time! We love you!
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