Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pregnancy Newsletter


Well as I briefly mentioned in our last post, our trip to Visit Glen in April was a fun filled successful trip. What I failed to mention at the time was just how successful that trip really way ;-) YES...Glen and I had decided once he got the job with Behr Paint we would start trying for baby #2 (he started the job December 1, 2009) unfortunately his job required him to move to Virginia which only meant our plans had to be put off until we were together again as a family. Well...Jillian and I joined Glen in Virginia on May 1st, on May 3rd we took a pregnancy test and it was confirmed just how successful our trip to Virginia really was.

Glen was the first to discover the positive test sitting next to the sink. As Glen came out of the bathroom he had one of biggest smiles on his face and tears in his eyes, he proceeded to show me the test, and so our real adventure here in this beautiful state of Virginia begins.

This week we are officially 20 weeks pregnant, we are at the half way mark. Not only are we at the half way mark, but our sonogram just confirmed "IT'S A BOY!!!! Jonas Gregory Gause is due to join our/his family January 2, 2010.

We are all (especially big sister Jillian) super excited!!!
Week 17
Week 20...IT'S A BOY!!! "Jonas Gregory (named after Glens younger brother Joesph Gregory) Gause.
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