Monday, December 1, 2008

November Fun!

This is Jillian's newly discovered talent (thanks to daddy!). She plays her guitar along with listening to Mr.'s really sweet.
Cheesse~Cheese~ Cheeeeesee...who knows what I am talking about? Katy, Shannon, Marianne, Barbie, Chorak or Rupert?
Here comes Santa Clause, here comes Santa Clause right onto the Mall at Millenia roof. Mom-Mom, Aunt Estelle, Gavin and Mrs. Katy joined us for the arrival of Santa, it was really cool!cutie-pa-tootie!
"Mommy~Mommy, this is what Daddy wants for Christmas" Jillian loves to go out on the back porch and play golf...I just absolutely could not resist posting these pictures...too funny!
Jillian painting her play house.

Okay, here are more Sea Worlds pictures...can you tell we go there A LOT?
Jillian and Sarah...Jillian and Sarah on the crab ride.We can not go to Sea World without visting the Sting Rays.
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