Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ariel at the Zoo

Today we went to the Central Florida Zoo for their annual Zoo Boo-Bash Halloween celebration. Children were encouraged to wear their favorite Halloween costumes (Jillian dressed as Ariel) for a safe, “scare-free” fun day both inside the Natural Science Center and outside in the Animal Discovery Zoological Park. They had treats and gifts at all the station throughout the park, hay ride, face painting, pumpkin painting, a jump house and lots lots more.

feeding the goat...Jillian kept calling him the Billy Goat with a gruff.
Feeding the Zebu. What is a Zebu you may ask? Click on the word (link) to get your answer. Jillian has NEVER showed any interest in these before however for some reason today she just had to put her cute little face into all of them...I guess she just discovered how cool they really are.
Enjoy, because she sure did. :-)
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