Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas cookies for Santa Claus.

Today Jillian and I were graciously invited to help bake Christmas cookies with Jillians' God Mother Amanda and Amanda's family. This was seriously a fun filled ALL day event...these ladies really go all out when it comes to their Christmas cookies. Jillian and I were really enjoyed spending the day baking cookies for Santa Claus....I am sure Santa is going to love these cookies just as much as we did.Cookies and milk. What's the best part about baking cookies you may ask....eating them of course. YUMMY YUMMY in Jillybeans tummy!!! In other words deeee-licious!!!
Lots and Lots of yummy cookies for Santa Claus.
The pictures below were taken at Jillians school on Friday for their Christmas program...very cute!
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