Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ballet and Tap class started tonight...

This evening, Jillian started her Pre-Ballet/Tap combo beginner class with her good friend Macy Moore at the City of Casselberry Parks and Recreation Center. Jillian was so very excited (to say the least) about her dance class, it's all I heard today...is it time to dance yet, is it time to go dance yet???? I ended up getting her dressed in her leotard, tights with her hair up in a bun and her tap and ballet shoes in a bag over an hour before it was time to leave. We live ooohhhh about 10 minutes (if that) from where Jillian takes her class, two minutes into the drive I look back and she was zonked OUT! She worked herself up with such excitement that she ended up falling asleep. Sweet baby!I woke her up totally expecting the worst...but she was still excited and ready to get out of the car and meet her teacher. Parents are not permitted to stay in the room and watch, so these are the pictures I took on my way out.


Puppy Love....poor Wilbur he really is such a trooper. The look on his face says it all.

Last week, Sarah, Wyatt and Jillian meet up at the Central Florida Zoo for a fun filled morning. Later that same day, Jillian and I went to the Borders book store at the Winter Park Village for their Family Fun day, to see Mr. Richard. Check out her fancy feet. Fancy feet or what?
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