Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Day

Sunday we went over to Ti Ti Marthas' house to make some yummy yummy in our tummy pumpkin pies...from scratch. First we cut open the pumpkin and Jillian took out all the seeds. Pound...good job! While the pumpkin was boiling Jillian planted some of the pumpkin seeds. After boiling the pumpkin and cutting off the skin, Jillian mashed the pumpkin. Cracking the eggs all by herself.
measuring the sugar... Measuring the pumpkin....
Baking powder...mixing all the ingredients together...
pouring the batter into the pie crust.
While the pies were baking, Tio Jon and Jillian played a little wii bowling. This is how Jillian plays wiiiiiiiiiiThe final step...eating the yummy yummy in our tummy pumpkin pies.
So proud. oppps...we just laughed and laughed. Obi...thanks for helping us clean it up.
Here we are.... Ti Ti Martha taught Jillian a new trick with the baking powder, Oh girls just want to have fun!
Thanks you Ti Ti Martha your the bestest! We LOVE YOU.
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