Sunday, August 24, 2008

XXIX Summer Olympics

I think we may have an Olympic winner (or two) on our hands. We have really been enjoying watching the 2008 Summer Olymics together as a family, we even go as far as to DVR them so that we don't miss anything. However While watching rhythmic gymnastics portion yesterday Jillian started dancing all around our living room floor trying to keep up with the rhythmic dancers on the television. So we made her, her very own ribbon on a stick (for lack of the correct name) and had to rewind the television ohhhhh only about 20 times because Jillian was just having so much fun...and as you will see Jillian was not the only one enjoying the ribbon on a stick rhythmic gymnastics.

Daddy's turn...he's such a kid at heart! What a good daddy.

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