Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1st. hair cut and more....

Saturday August 16, 2008 Glen and I took Jillian to see Ms. Margarita for her very first hair cut. Margarita has been my hair dresser for over 10 years so I would not or could not trust anyone else to cut Jillians' hair.

I have to admit, It was Glen's idea to get Jillians' hair cut, everyone (including myself) was questioning why, he wanted her hair cut. However as you can see from the pictures below the end result was exactly what he wanted. I am going on record now stating....Glen was right, because it looks great!

It came as no suprise that Jillian had no fear and or hesitation. She jumped right into the chair ready for her new look.

The first cut...and NO I did not cry.
Jillian cracken Margarita up....she's a funny funny kid! Glen says we should start a whole new blog of just the funny things Jillian come up with.
Jillian requested to get her hair dryed. She's becoming such a big girl! I am so glad we have this blog and these pics to help us remember these GREAT GREAT moments.

Here it is.....the new cut. Thanks Margarita, we love it!Ice cream celebration....

The following pics were taken before Jillian's hair cut. I just wanted to blog them because I just LOVE these pictures of our little princess. These pictures were taken on our way to Birthday World to meet up with Gavin and his mommy Katy (Guest blogger, Thanks Katy)Birthday World with Gavin.

Jillian and Gavin on the flying banana.
Rollor Coaster... My Mom took us shopping to get Jillian some new school clothes, and this was what we came home with. Thanks Mom!

Jillian winking....
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