Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guest Blogger :)

You might have heard that Gerry's computer had to be put into the shop and the Gause family will be without the internet for (GASP!) 1-2 weeks!! Gerry asked me to post some pictures of our get together from today.

Our friends Jen and Preston hosted a super fun playgroup today... the kiddies had a blast and the mommies got to visit and enjoy the company!

Jamming Jillian
Wyatt, Preston, Macy & Jillian enjoying the YUMMY ice cream cupcakes Mrs. Jen made!
Isn't this is BEST desert ever?
Here comes the parade!!! Ava, Macy & Jillian (Mrs. Jen cheering on)
Bringing up the rear of the parade... Preston!
Jillian and Ava on the swing-set!
Gavin, the king of ROCK!
The HOST with the MOST!
Thanks Preston for a super fun day!!!!

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