Saturday, May 24, 2008

The many different faces....

Glen and I were just looking at some pictures of Jillian and could not help but to smile. Over the years we have been able to capture some great moments with Jillian's fun loving personalities. We though it would be cute to post some(okay who are we kidding...a lot) of random pictures for the blog. These picture are posted in no particular order, we just randomly chose some pictures that we thought were fun.


Halloween 2006
Sea World Orlando

GOT MILK? or Smoothie shake? Orlando Science Center
5 Months old
Wyatt's 2nd Birthday

Christmas 2007


Our Bow baby!
Summer 2006

Summer 2007

Prestons 2nd Birthday
Halloween 2007

Jillian's 1st. birthday~Septmeber 15, 2006
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