Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Exciting News....

NO we are not pregnant. However the next best thing is...Uncle Joe-Joe is coming to see us. I made the mistake of telling Jillian that her Uncle Joe-Joe is coming to Florida and now that is all she is talking about. Let me back up for a second, whenever Jillian see's an airplane in the sky (no matter where we are) she starts yelling and pointing to the airplane "Uncle Joe-Joe, Uncle Joe-Joe come back to Florida" so cute, sweet and sad all at the same time. While Joey is in town we will be celebrating his 31st birhtday, so Glen and I took Jillian to the mall yesterday to get Uncle Joe-Joes' birthday present. Jillian insisted that we make him some muffins (blueberry muffins...Jillian loves to cook). So today we made a special trip to Publix for some muffin mix and guess what?? I forgot to get the muffin mix, that is until we were half way home and Jillian saw an airplane and began yelling for her Uncle-Joe Joe. After the plane was no longer in site, she said "Momma we forgot to get the muffin mix for Uncle Joe-Joe", I just could not drive any further, I then made a u-turn and back to publix we went.

We can't wait to see you Joey~ we all love and miss you!

Gerry, Glen and Jillian Grace.
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