Sunday, May 4, 2008


Yesterday my Mom treated Glen, Jillian and myself to a 2 year Sea World and Aquatica annual passes. It was hard to take photos because I did not want to get our camera wet, however here are some of the photos that we were able to capture. The photos DO NOT do the park justice, so do yourself a favor and try to visit Aquatic. However you might want to get there early because, we drove out there again this afternoon and it was sold out! From what I understand the park has been selling out every day since it opened….which in my opinion says a lot about how awesome this water park is.

1st. ever water side.

This is my Mom and Jillian coming down the flome ride, if only you could see the BIG smile on Jillian's face. We did this ride over and over again at least 10 times.

Can you tell I like to take pictures of Jillian sleeping?
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