Sunday, February 10, 2008

Orlando Science Center

The weather was kind of rainy on Thursday so we decided to go to the Orlando Science Center this morning. We met up with Ava Colet, one of Jillian’s friends for a play date. The girls don’t really get to see each other as much as they would like so getting them together is always a nice treat. Jillian was super excited to ran around and show Ava all the fun things there is to do at OSC.
Because Jillian has chosen to take a later (NOT LONGER) nap we were able to stay at OSC until 2:00, I thought for sure Jillian would nap on the way home but……NOOOO! When we got home we went up for a nap and for the second time this week she was not tired and therefore did not want to nap, after 45 minutes of trying I told her it would be okay for her rest time to be over, she was showing no signs of wanting or needing a nap :-{ . I believe she is starting to wean herself from her naps (my only 45 minute break), however having said that Jillian is really getting into independent play, she willingly goes to her room and plays or reads books which, is very nice for all involved.

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