Friday, September 19, 2008

On the move...

Okay here we go...emptying out the camera for the big (60+ guest) 3rd birthday party tomorrow. Jillian has had a week long birthday celebration, and I am not exaggerating in the least. Monday we spent a fun filled day at Aquatica, Wednesday she had a school birthday party followed by gifts from both sets of grandparents. Thursday was her 3 year old doctor appointment, Jillian got her ears checked, her vision checked, she got a finger prick and lastly she got a shot (not a single tear). FridayUncle Jo-Jo took Jillian to target for a new princess bike and tomorrow well… you'll just have to wait for the birthday party pictures.
Yummy cookie cake
Princess roller Skates from Mom-Mom & Poppy...THANK YOU! WOW...Nanny and Poppa you have really out done yourself this time....THANK YOU!

Jillian helping Uncle Jo-Jo putting her new bike work!

Thank you Uncle Jo-Jo and "EE". This is what Ti-Ti Martha would call a birthday bonanza...or should I say "Bananas"...sorry inside joke there, that I just could not resist.
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