Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brevard Zoo / Science Center

Sunday we took Jillian to the Brevard Zoo. The Giraffes were not out, but we still managed to have fun and be silly.

The rhinoceros were very active, walking and playing in the water. Jillian got a big kick out of watching them interact with each other. There were three of them, so Jillian picked one as the Momma, one as the daddy and the smaller of the three as herself Jillian Grace, she kept saying "there a family, just like us." VERY CUTE!
Jillian loved watching the river Otters, this is where we spent most of our time...we could not get her to move along. SILLY...SILLY...SILLY Love this much personality!
Jillian's new trick...she loves to wink!

In order to beat the heat here in Florida, we spend most of our days either in the pool or inside where it is nice an air conditioned. So yesterday we took the Crofton girls (Katy and Rachel) to the Orlando Science Center, for 5 long (but fun filled) hours.

picnic lunch in the shade.
Jillian with her buddy, Gavin. Winking at Momma...what a cutie pie. making bugs... Hey Gavin, fancy meeting you here.
After the science center the girls still had plenty of energy....three little monkeys jumping (dancing) on the bed.
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