Monday, April 7, 2008

Amanda's Baby shower

Saturday was Amanda’s (who is Jillian’s God-Mother) baby shower. I would like to report that Jillian was on her best behavior but unfortunately that was not the case. It’s hard to ask as well as expect a 2 ½ year old to sit still and relax while she is watching someone else open presents. So regrettably we had to leave the shower a little early because Jillian was starting to act out. On the way home, Jillian asked if we could call Amanda to apologize, my heart just broke I truly felt as if Jillian really and truly understood that her actions caused a reaction that was not what she necessary wanted. As a parent, I have to follow through with my words or my words will mean nothing…empty promises. It was definitely tough to be hard on her and leave the baby shower because Jillian is a sweet, tender, affectionate toddler, but unfortunately a lesson had to be learned.

Sorry Amanda…we love you!

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