Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jillian is truly FEARLESS!

Unlike her Mother, Jillian love for animals goes WAY beyond cats, dogs and cute little bunnies. Let me first say how much I absolutely love and admire her innocents, however her lack of fears scares the holy heck out of me. As her mother, I have had to take a step back and let her continue to experience life and all it has to offer. I would truly like to think I do my best not to instill my fears in you can see from the pics below Jillian is one of the bravest people I know I will even go astep further and say Jillian is absolutely the most amazing person I know, her Daddy comes in a VERY close second LOL. I would also like to add that these are my sisters' pet snakes these snakes are use to being handled, Glen and I WOULD NEVER allow Jillian to play with snakes (or any animal for that matter) that we did not 100% feel were safe.

Thanks Aunt Estelle!

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